Technical Services

Server Administration

Server Administration

Managing web servers is our business.

Digital Spectrum manages: dedicated servers, virtual private servers, cloud servers and shared hosting servers.

We can do things like:

  • Setup a new web server for your website(s)
  • Reclocate your website from one ISP to another
  • Perform routine maintenance, such as: updates, system patches and backups
  • Setup mail services and email accounts
  • Perform security audits
  • Fix hacked servers and restore normal operation

Digital Spectrum can advise you on all aspects of your web server. Think of as your personal IT department, as most of our clients do.

We specialize in UNIX servers, such as: Linux, Cloud, and AWS.

web server administration

Domain Name Management

Domain Name Management

Domain Name Registration

Securing a domain name for your organization can be a complicated and labourious task. Digital Spectrum has specialized expertize and tools to arrange this on your behalf. This includes:

  • Registering your company with the global INTERNIC registrar
  • Purchasing the domain name on your behalf
  • Transferring the domain name to the Internet Service Provider
  • Setup of your web pages and email accounts with the domain name

This service is free to all of our clients. We simply pass on the registrar fees paid on your behalf.

Domain Transfer and Retrieval

If you already have a domain hosted elsewhere, Digital Spectrum can transfer your domain to a provider of your choice. If you have a domain that is currently not under your control due to recent asquisistion, change of staff, or a previous developer that has your domain in their company name, to name a few examples, Digital Spectrum can work on your behalf to secure this domain name and tranfer it to an account that is your own. Depending on the difficulty associated with this, which is dependent on the attitude of your current host, and the complexity of your web site, there may or may not be a fee for this. Call us to discuss your situation, we would be glad to help.

domain management

Secure Extranets & Intranets

Secure Extranets & Intranets

Do you need an area to publish information that requires restricted or select access?

If yes, then you could benefit from either an intranet or extranet. This is one of our specialities. Setting up restricted or secure areas, that are insulated from the global internet.

  • Extranets are areas accessible to authorized people outisde of your company, or shared by more than one organization, such as a dealer or members network.
  • Intranets are private networks for a company or organization, for internal purposes such as order and job tracking.

Some of the features can include:

  • User management, to assign access and permissions for users
  • Security levels, to organize content based on permissions
  • Password retrieval capability
  • User registration system
  • Content management and editing
  • File upload facility for documents or images
secure extranets