Content Management

Multimedia Production

Multimedia Production

Digital Spectrum can produce almost any type of multimedia.


  • Graphics for the web or print media
  • Interface design (UI/UX) for websites, apps and hardware
  • Corporate identity development, incuding logo design, branding.
  • Product visualization, marketing and development
  • Batch conversion and transformation of digital files
  • Video encoding and conversion for delivery on the web
  • eBook production and marketing
  • PDF generation, conversion and batch processing.

From logos to videos, Digital Spectrum can help you!


Graphics Automation

Graphics Automation

Intelligent solutions for graphics and imagery.

Smart solutions to process images and build visualizations.

Our services include:

  • Batch image file conversion, watermarking and processing
  • Data generated, on-the-fly, graphics, charts and images
  • Image upload processing systems
  • Image database storage and catalog systems
Imaging Services

Our programmers can create solutions that generate images from live data, process images on-the-fly from image upload, embed invisible copyright information, watermark images, and much more.

Just tell us what you need, that is all you need to do.


Automated Translation

Automated Translation

Make your website accessable in other languages, with ease.

Your website is your company's best and most effective marketing tool. It is working for you 24/7. We can convery your English content automatically or programmably to almost any language.

As well, more and more, people go to your website first to find out information quickly and succinctly. To look up an address, hours of operation, phone number during off hours, or from a mobile device while commuting. This is your chance to engage them with your content about your company, its story and its products/services.

The Benefits of Language Translation

Today, translating your website is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach international markets. Most companies or organizations have clients that English is not their first language. In addition, potential customers will always prefer buying products and services if they can read your content in their own language. It creates a much better user experience and tie with your company.

We have experience managing a wide range of translation projects and can assist with converting your website to be multilingual.