Social Media

Social Media

We can help with your social media strategy.

While your website is the foundation of your online presence, your 24/7 storefront, worldwide, so to speak. Customers are increasingly looking to social media to access information.

DS1 can assist you in developing a social media marketing strategy, and advise on some of the dangers also. While social media can be a great tool to get your message out and engage with customers, it can be incredibly harmful to your business and brand. Digital Spectrum believes in a highly conservative slow risk approach.

Account Management
Setting up your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media needs to be done correctly and professionally. Your profile can drive people to your website, and lead to new clients and sales. Each social media account has their own caveats. DS1 can get you started.

Website Integration
Social media icons are ofent included in the header/footer of your website, as well as on product pages or blog posts. DS1 can also include live social media feeds onto your home page, keeping it up to date with fresh content.


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Website Promotion

Website Promotion

Building your website is just the first step.

Promoting your site is criticial to ongoing success. This is a continuting process to increase exposure of your website and bring more visitors.

Strategic Plan
Digital Spectrum help develop your strategic marketing plan. There are many factors to concider such as, budget, goals, the nature of your business, and target audience, to name a few.

SEO Readiness
DS1 uses many techniques to optimize your website for search engines. Website structure and navigation, page titles, meta descriptions, key words in copy and alt tags are some of the key elements.

Quality Content
Content, whether it be text, images or multimedia is the heart of your website. It needs to be current, targeted and easy to process to keep people coming back, and generate referrals. Digital Spectrum can help refresh your existing content or create new original material for your website.

Ad Campaigns
This can be a good way to kickstart a new business, launch a new service or just get the word out. DS1 can advise you or run your campaign for you. This includes creating ads, targeting them geographically, setting budgets, determining run time, assigning key words etc.

Consistent Branding
Key marketing materials should be visually congruous with your website. This includes business cards, documents, and marketing literature. DS1 can assist with creating or updating this material if needed.

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Digital Spectrum can work with your company or organization to make sure your marketing strategy is on target based on website data.

Website analytics is essentially the collection, analysis and reporting of web data to enhance the knowledge and understanding of how your website if operating.

Data Collection and Analysis
This first step is to setup a process or account whereby we can start collecting key data for your website.

Key Indicators
Using analytic tools, DS1 can monitor key performance indicators to determine how your website is performing.

This includes determining and reviewing such information such as:

  • traffic statistics
  • geolocation of visitors, or where your traffic is coming from
  • what keywords are used to find your site
  • what types of device are people using to access your site
  • what are your website's most popular pages or sections
  • the percentage of new and returning visitors etc.

Review Online Strategy
Once the data is collected and analyzed, DS1 can recommend any changes to marketing, content, or simply provide you with impoortant details on how your website is used.

As well we can review your online marketing goals and strategies and make recomendations and adjustments as necessary.

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